What We Do

4kids1st is an advocacy network, created to support families through the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) process with the school district. We provide newly diagnosed families with the support necessary to understand their rights in the school system and help them secure the best education for their child.

Whether through legal services, educational consulting, or simply articles and resources, 4kids1st seeks to provide the tools for children to get the education they deserve.

4kids1st is committed to developing collaborative efforts with the community, other non-profits, professionals, and educational institutions to facilitate educational support, advocacy, parent education, and training. Executive Director, Kathy Greco has the responsibility of building these programs and relationships, developing training for parents and professionals, and overseeing the educational advocacy for each client.

  • 4kids1st hosts monthly workshops to better prepare parents for important IEP meetings
  • 4kids1st President Kathy Greco conducts Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) courses in order to better educate the legal community about special education advocacy

Should 4kids1st determine that an IEP is the best option for a child, 4kids1st will then agree to represent the client. 4kids1st will then work alongside the family and school district in order to give the child the best possible education they have the right to.